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Kings Avenue Primary School

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During 2009 we surveyed schools to find out how teachers were finding things, especially as the government's aim was to 'reduce workload'
Some schools are very positive, but it is important that teachers are aware from other schools how it works elsewhere.
For example, there is no need for there to be more than one sixty minutre management organised meeting per week. Schools try to suggest that this is impossible. But it is not impossible and happens in some locations
The information that follows explains this particualar school. Please contact us if things have changed or if there are any concerns to raise.

Teachers Covering

Operates according to new regualtions

Meeting arrangements

Meetings are within 60 minute limit

PPA time

Teachers routinely have their PPA time

Lesson Observations

Is according to union guidelines as agreed with Lambeth


Hasn't really reduced in past two years

Kings Avenue Primary school was created as an amalgamation of three schools in September 2001 and moved to its present main site in 2002.

It has a main site for Key Stages 1 & 2 and nearby its own early years centre.

As a school it has a committment to inclusion which in practice is over and above the average.

Relationships with the union are usually good and we have accredited reps. WSe were a little perterbed by the Haed of School's notice given out to parents in relation to the pensions strike and that security guards were hired to be on the gates on that day, presumably to deal with any 'flying' pickets (which of course have yet to fly in)

There is a head on site, but it is also part of a federation with two other Lambeth schools.

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