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Johanna is a small one form entry primary school in the middle of a bustling community with Waterloo Station, Lower Street Market all in its backdrop.
Perhpas because of its proximity to Oasis HQ, it vote dto convert to become an academy in September 2011.
In doing so, it joined the Oasis Community Learning chain (OCL) and in essence tore up existing working conditions, in favour of Oasis terms
As yet, we have seen no difference in terms of conditions - the school year hasn't been changed, class sizes haven't grown. The unions are still recognised within the framework of Oasis own recognition
What we feared most is starting to happen. Johanna was part of a bigger plan to establish an Oasis empire around Waterloo. They are consulting on there being a 'free school' in Waterloo - despite the fact that there are no less than 14 secondary schools within 2 miles of their HQ. There is no need for another school - the demography clearly argues against it.
An Oasis Free school will hamper the recruitment and funding of all the other schools, creating needless surplus places.
Johanna was a successful local authority primary school over many years. As a union, we were never in any way troubled by their policies and would say relation were good, if anything
When we consulted with them over TUPE, they were intent on being fair with all employees and were transferring them without a fuss.
New employees are subject to Oasis terms and conditions (based on Burgundy book) and to date we know of no problems. If you are considering working there, we have no reason to suggest that you reconsider - all things being equal

Stress and Academy workers

Employees of Lambeth are automatically offered support under the employee assistance programme in the event of health issues arising from work, including counselling. This however does not apply in the event of academies, so you would be advised to check out this site if any problems arise that are not covered by your employer's conditions of service.

Sex Education

There have been controversies about Oasis Sex education policy, partly due to statements made by leading Oasis personnel, including this link reported via a Radio interview with Steve Chalke
We are happy for represntatives from Oasis to clarify this, but the following is extracted from the Oasis Community Learning policy:
'The Academy should have a SRE programme which supports the personal and social development of all students. It should demonstrate the importance of accepting diversity, including others' sexuality, and of enjoying relationships based on mutual respect and responsibility, free from any abuse'.
The Academy seeks to ensure that all students understand the importance of accepting diversity and operates a no tolerance policy on homophobic, and transphobic - related bullying, harassment or discrimination. The Academy takes into account the anti-discrimination provisions in the Sexual Orientation Regulations, and will ensure that any information about sexual orientation is fair and balanced.
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