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Dunraven is well located in the Streatham area on two adjoining sites. At the time of writing (Jan 2012) it is undergoing changes having been allocated BSF money for new works.

Dunraven is undoubtedly a successful school. It is very popular and is oversubscibed, even at the first choice stage.

It usually performs in first three of Lambeth schools in terms of results in terms of GCSE success.

In August 2011, following lengthy consulation and opposition from the unions, Dunraven decided to convert to Academy status. Although in terms of its day to day running, it is unlikely to be affected - at least in the short term - its knock on effect has started to affect the already severely depleted Lambeth services budget, as all academies will.
We do not think that they have deliberately assisted Gove's agenda of destroying local authorities' ability to provide services, but objectively, this is exactly the result.
Whereas we are campaigning elsewhere to prevent schools departing from the Lambeth enhanced scheme, Dunraven already uses the limitations of the Burgundy Book scheme and cannot be deemed as beneficial as Lambeth's

Dunraven anbd the unions

Dunraven's relationship with the unions is generally good - if anything better under the present head. Despite our opposition to the Academy conversion, we do not see this to have changed adversely. Indeed, it became clear at the TUPE negotiations that all teaching staff - old and new will be employed under Burgundy Book and STPC as per a local authority school
At present we are negotiating an all unions recognition agreement and we expect this to be finalised in near future.
The NUT has a well established active rep and a very large membership. This has bene important in counterbalancing a very strong maanagement!
In terms of seeking posts, whatever our view on academies, if offered any prospect of employment at Dunraven, we would recommend acceptance.
There is one caviat that you need to be aware of: whereas we understand that previous employment in a local authority will count as continuous in Dunraven's eyes. However, as things stand, departing from Dunraven will not necessarily be seen as continuous for any future school
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