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The union has a long tradition of campaigning both at home and abroad. The campaigns listed here are just part of the union's work and represent the work the local branch is linked to.

The union has affiliated to Palestine Solidarity Camapign and we fully support the rights of Palestinians to have a homeland. Contrary to popular myth, PSC is committed to one thing only - to establish a viable state for the Palestinians, according to the wishes of the Palestinian people It simply demands that Israel reverts to the pre-1967 borders. This does require opposing the actions of the Israeli state in occupying territories following the Six Day War and the resulting settlements taht have been built since. It is not about de-recognition of the State of Israel or supporting wars against Israel or any terrorist activity, including suicide bombs. To be fully up to date, visit

End the Occupation of Iraq The union is affiliated to Stop the War and this is their website
Justice for Columbia Contrary to media coverage, the Uribe regime has allowed death squads to murder oppositionists throughout Colombia, making false claims that the unions were connected to the FARC which was entirely false - not even their 'laptop evidence' proved that! The NUT is supportive of Justice for Colombia as are other unions, including teaching unions.

Despite wholesale changes in culture, racim remains a major threat and is exploited by politicians, not just the fascist BNP.

The NUT is affiliated to Unite Against Fascim and National Assembly Against Racism and we urge teachers to be involved with this campaigning.anti-racism

The Union has been affiliated to Cuba Solidarity for a considerable period of time. Cuba is a Third World country just 70 miles from the USA nad has been punished via a blockade for nearly 50 years - its crime was having a different political ideology to the USA. It has never tried to invade USA, although the converse is not true. Cuba despite its economic limitations, its previous dependence on the Soviet Union and a degree of isolation has advanced both health and education to a high level. Please visit the solidarity site : Critics of Cuba are many in numbers, but it has to be said that until the blockade is lifted, the criticisms made about Cuba have little weight.

Venezuela has started to change the lives for millions in the richest oil producing country of Latin America where hitherto the oil riches were used to profit just a few of the nation's oligarchy.
Since 1998, and in particular since 2003, the process has accelerated, in particular in terms of health and education, but the tasks still remain immense. The media in Britain and Europe is aprt of a systematic attempt to undermine the progress made under Chavez. Visitors to Caracas, including those who are not part of any organised tour, return with a different story.

The Venezuela Information Centre (VIC) exists to support the changes in Venezuela, there is a local group and the national website can be accessed by clicking here

The Union alongside all the other teachers'unions oppose the creation of City Academies and we are affiliated to the Anti Academies Alliance. For more information foillow the links.No to City Academies

Also visit the Anti Academies Alliance website

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