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Your Rights - 'The Burgundy Book'

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It is a strange thing with many headteachers. As soon as you question anything to do with Pay and Conditions, they run to the Pay and Conditions Document and tell you what must be done. They know what reasonable is! They've told you that they have given you reasonable instruction, time and time again. How many times have we heard the threat: ' if you don't carry out my reasonable instruction, I will have to discipline you'. (Of course, if you mention the union, then you are threatening).

What they never tell you, for some strange reason, is your rights. Rights have been negotiated over the years and the last documentation was published in 2000. It is 'conditions of service in england and wales', known as the 'burgundy book'.

We've made the entire document available here in sections. It covers leave entitlement, retirement information, regulations governing resignations etc. It also covers facility entitlement for school reps, so we recommend you refer to the relevant sections.

The full printed copy is available, details on request.

The Burgundy Book
Note - each section is in PDF format. If you have not got Acriobat Reader installed, the link on the right hand side will assist you. Downloading Reader is free.
  • This deals with appointments, resignations and retirement

  • Know your rights!

  • (You will also need to check Appendix IV)

  • This lists the local authorities covered by the agreement and affect future employment

  • This deals with time off for exam assessment etc.

  • This is includes all TU facility entitlements, including school reps

  • partly covers personal property, out of school activities, also injury compensation.

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