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Durand Academy head Sir

Greg Martin retires.

Durand Academy head Sir Greg Martin retires

The executive headteacher of an academy whose trust is under investigation for potential financial mismanagement has retired.

Sir Greg Martin, executive headteacher of Durand Academy, will step down from the role next month, but will remain as a school governor, it was announced today.

The south London school is run by Durand Education Trust, which is at the centre of an inquiry by the Charity Commission.

Full story

 Durand and HoC Public Accounts Committee

House of Commons Public Accounts Committee finally gets to grips with Durand. What the outcome will be remains to be seen, but the public can start to understand what this anti-union management has done for decades - with those in high places saying nothing.
Of course, we uphold the principle of innocent till proven guilty, but then what is not in dispute is the payments to Greg Martin's companies and his setting up as part of the Durand empire a dating agency - with Twitter followers being offered women in black undies - as Margaret Hodge asked 'is this appropriate for a school'?
Before it was an Academy, there was some, though limited control. Our objection to Academies and Free schools is precisely that there is little regulation and it is only because that Greg Martin allegedly ahs overstepped the mark that this is being challenged. Local Authority monitoring is practical. The fact that this has had to go to the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee is like Downing Street deciding on the merits of a local zebra crossing.

Latest on Durand Academy

Durand - a conflict of interest

Union's Pay Campaign

NUT model pay policy. We want to defeat Gove, but schools must have a policy in September and this is the framework we want to have in place if need be.
Pay policy - letter sent to Gove by union's solitors pointing out his mistakes in relation to the legality of our pay policy
NAHT policy
NUT commentary on NAHT policy
ASCL guidance
NUT commentary on ASCL guidance

NUT and NASUWT in 'historic' agreement. Campaign of action has started

Action short of strike action commenced on 3rd October. The latest advice and details are available here
Guidance on the action
Youtube of two general Secretaries' announcement

NUT on pensions - why we cannot sign up to the deal

Gove is trying to link appraisal and capability, which we reject. Joint unions guidelines on appraisal

Joint guidelines on lesson observations

We are negotiating conditions locally and will post when available on any agreements

For more information from the national union

Free schools opening this year - a threat to all planned, existing schools, even academies!

How much will your staff be robbed?

National Union's website:

Follow this campaign on twitter


Joint statement from four teaching unions on principles affecting appraisal and capability

NUT/ATL/NAHT joint model policy on appraisal

Bullying - How we can recognise and tackle the bullying that goes on in schools

The NUT is committed to challenging this bullying culture of managers-wherever it arises.

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Bridget Chapman, LTA Assistant Secretary speaking at Harrogate Conference

LTA Joint Secretary Sara Tomlinson and
Bridget Chapman (LTA Asst Sec) among those with
'Too Young to Test' banner at Harrogate Conference

Very poorly disguised Lambeth members plus Alisdair Smith (AAASecretary) campaigning against academies at Harrogate.

Have you been pressurised to come in when sick or stressed out? Have the management suggested that you are underperforming? Read on through this link ....

Medical note

Applying for a job in an academy in Lambeth?

Before you do, check here

Stress and Academy workers

Employees of Lambeth are automatically offered support under the employee assistance programme in the event of health issues arising from work, including counselling. This however does not apply in the event of academies, so you would be advised to check out this site if any problems arise that are not covered by your employer's conditions of service.

London Regional Newsletter

Other NUT Association websites

It is vital that you ensure that managers aren't asking you to carry out tasks that you do not have to (eg lunchtime duties, meetings during PPA etc)

Make sure you access School Teachers' Pay and Conditions 2013.

Download from here

Lesson observations - union advice to stop heads overburdening

Changes have encouraged heads to 'observe' teachers in excess of anything required. The resultant stress hardly improves performance. Make sure you know what the union's view is.

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